Buna and Gabrielle (April 2021)

Gabrielle recently arrived in Thailand for a visit and brought her Buna making set up from Ethiopia. She treated me to a whole ceremony of roasting the beans, smoking the house, grinding, boiling and then pouring. Traditionally, you drink 3 cups of buna 3 times a day. It is a time for conversation.... and gossip ;). It is such a pleasure to have her here and spend time with someone from home. 


Dystopian Soi, Thailand (March 2020)

Quarantine vibes in Chiang Mai. Once a day I would take a walk and photograph the hushed, shut down, city.


Glamping & Gentrification, Thailand (Aug. 2020)

For my birthday my friends and I went on a "weekend glamping trip". The entire Mountain Mon Cham is built up with cookie-cutter tents and 'houses' meant solely for Instagram photos. We had a lovely time but I couldn't help but think about the Hmong people that were pushed out, the trash created, and earth destroyed. What effects does our obsession with social media have on the planet and local communities?